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5 Must Do’s Around The House In 2016



A new year is here, and just when we think that the stress from the festive season is finally over we find ourselves thinking about the things we want to change around our homes. When it comes to making a change around the home, sometimes homeowners think that they need to go to outrageous lengths to have an impact on something. Whilst making big changes is a great way to go about things, sometimes doing something small is plausible. Here are 5 things to do in the New Year that you’ve overlooked around your house.

 Painting the walls

We often overlook the incredible influence walls have in our homes. Painting is a quick and simple way to brighten or update your home. From painting a kid’s room to changing the colour of your exterior walls, painting is a home improvement strategy that is both cheap and produces amazing results. Especially in homes with plaster walls, keeping the interior walls painted can keep dirt at bay.

Re-tiling the floor

Living in a house with the same old tiles for years can be boring. Re-tiling can make a striking floor covering in your bathroom, kitchen, hallway or conservatory. While there are different types of tiles available, we would recommend buying tiles that are aesthetically pleasing to you. A rule of thumb is to buy more tiles than you will need to account for tiles you will need to shape to fit in narrow areas.

Rearrange your room

Oftentimes after the New Year, people want to rearrange their room. We all know that one of the cost-effective ways to refresh and update a room involves re-arranging it. But before you go shifting around your furniture and other stuff, make sure you get permission from your landlord, to ensure it is ok to move your stuff around.

Clean your carpets 

Maintaining clean carpets is one of the simplest ways to keeping a dust free home. Despite your efforts, months of stains and dust have accumulated in your carpet and you are in need of a professional carpet cleaning this year. Apart from improving the look of a home as well as extending the life of the carpet, professional carpet cleaning offers numerous health benefits. These professionals will eliminate trapped pollutants, remove dust mite infestations and help prevent mole growth because they use sophisticated machines.

Allow natural light

When most homeowners think about light, the first thing to come to their mind is bulb. Nonetheless, that’s not always the case. Natural light can transform a home and uplift the mood of those living there. The more shiny surfaces you have, the lighter your rooms will appear. This means silver photo frames, chandeliers or brass lighting, brass candlesticks, or gold door knobs.

For cool tips on keeping your home clean take a quick peek at the video below.

Take a moment and plan out your home improvement and self improvement strategy for 2016. Before you know it, the end of the year will be here again. So don’t wait!

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How your surroundings can influence your mood

In today’s world, the stress and ambient noise of gloom and doom can be overwhelming. It is something that everyone must be mindful to but not paying it too much mind. You can easily get carried away with reading all of the negative news and lose site of your true calling and reason for being.

A friend of mine asked me the other day, who I was voting for president in the upcoming 2016 U.S. election. I told him, I frankly don’t know. I don’t know much about politics or politicians. He looked at me aghast as if I told him I had just seen a UFO.

He could not believe that I was so out of touch with the political landscape. I basically told him that I was too busy doing the great things in my life to pay much attention to a bunch of gasbags pointing fingers and yelling at each other about who’s to blame for what.

I explained to him that I choose to live my life more freely than being bound by the shackles of society. At the end of the day, I just didn’t see the point to his indignation about by choice of staying out of the political circle.

It did get me to thinking why people do feel this connection and indignation towards politics. The crazy thing is when you look around, most of the news is all negative. This carries over into people’s moods and personalities. The outcome is a cynical and negative Nancy world that I’m just not cool with.

So, one must be careful about what you put importance on. It will affect your attitude. I mean, I was floored by the reaction I got. I guess when you don’t spend your day trolling around the internet news sites and reading all of the negative press, you don’t realize how much of it is really out there.

Hopefully this will be something that overtime will fade but with the election upcoming, my suspicion is that it will only get progressively worse.

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Are Your Rain Gutters Affecting Your Health

I don’t mean your physical health, I mean your Financial well. The reason is because having malfunctioning gutters can end up costing you A lot of money in the long run. The important thing to remember is that your home is your most important asset. The gutter system around your home is what keeps Rainwater from damaging your structure. So, you want to make sure that every utility in and around your house is working properly. So why is this important? Well, quite frankly your financial health is related to your physical health. You don’t want to allow costly gutter repairs of your home to make you feel sick about your finances. So this is why it is important to avoid having to pay a lot of money for silly repairs.


So, what exactly do rain gutters do? Before writing this article I had no idea. Rain gutters, our system that allows water to travel from your roof to a safe location away from your home. When your gutters are not working properly, water is not able to travel to a safe location. What ends up happening is water fall alongside the side of your home causing damage to areas like you’re citing and your foundation. There is also a health hazard associated with this. Water and moisture can lead to mold. Having too much mold around you can affect your physical health.

The good news, is that keeping a well functioning gutter system is not difficult. Most professionals recommend that you had your gutters clean and inspected at least twice a year. This will prevent any buildup of debris from clogging your gutters and having them fill up and break. By having a trained professional come out and do service work not only do you save money in the long run but you also save time. You are a also able to maintain your gutters cleaned without putting yourself at risk. You don’t want to spend your Saturday afternoon sitting in an ER room with a broken limb because you decided to climb up on your roof to do gutter work. It just isn’t worth it, That’s why there are professionals.

So, if you’re in need of getting your gutters repair, Replace, or clean this summer, the most important thing is to find a good company that is local and I won’t charge you an arm and a leg. We bring this attention to this issue because there’s a lot of people end up getting ripped off an envelope not taking care of what they want. A lot of people that live in Miami, For example, have complained about some companies that are going out and overcharged over-deliver on what they said was needed.

So if you live in the area around South Florida need to be careful not to allow these people to overcharge you when they go out to do your gutters. They’re also going to try to get you into a maintenance program that you may not need. Like it was before the only amount of time that you need to maintain your gutters is about twice a year.

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Welcome, Welcome!

Welcome all, this is a super-cool self-development blog created to help entrepreneurs have the right mindset to grow as a business person and person. As you may already, having the right mindset is critical to being a successful business owner.

Even if you’re not a business owner, having an understand of the power of your mind can help you bring – love, money, freedom or whatever you desire in life. To a large extent, we can create our own reality with our mind.

That being said, we must understand and respect the power that we have from a consciousness level. Everything in the universe is formed by consciousness. From the smallest molecule to what we see with our own eyes, it all consists of the same building blocks of life.

So having the right mental foundation and understanding the power that you have inside will help you create success in every aspect of your life.

In this day in age, 21st century we are subject to a gift and a curse – technology. Yes our lives have improved by technology and creations such as cell phone, tvs and cars but because of this technology we’ve dedicated more of our energy towards exterior stimuli as appose to being more introspective.

Once we become more aware of the consequences of our actions the ability for our thoughts to impact our everyday life, we become more deliberate in our thinking. Our life becomes a lot more purposeful and full of meaning.

A lot of people want to have all of the finer things in life but few are willing to do what it requires to acquire these things.

We must all understand our place in this world and work our way towards our calling and live a more fulfilling life.

It all starts with being more introspective and connecting with out inner consciousness to give us the answers to our daily questions and our problems. When we come from a place of letting the unconscious mind direct our path rather than trying to solve our problems with the same logic that got us in those problems, we see the answers our clearer than we think.

I’m happy to have you hear as a reader and hope the content here will help inspire your life to greater heights.

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