Industrial Coatings

Industrial Coatings


Our industrial coatings feature the thorough coating of the surfaces in your workplace. Our coatings are designed to improve the function and durability of the products you rely on. With freshly coated surfaces, your company can provide the best services possible.

Hollywood Blasting & Coating provides industrial coating for oilfields, industrial vehicles, agricultural equipment, construction machinery, and more. Industrial plant coatings are part of the expert field services we provide at Hollywood Blasting & Coating. 


We can help your industrial facility look its very best. Put your best foot forward with state-of-the-art protective coatings to make your equipment stand out and work its best. We can also paint the surfaces in your facility. Your workspace will be protected and look its very best. If you want a sleek and stylish look for your facility, Hollywood Blasting & Coating has what you need. 

Call us today to talk to our friendly representatives about rates and the various options available to you. We can protect and enhance your company’s interior or exterior. Whatever you need coated, we can handle. 
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